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7 March
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and i wonder where i went wrong as i slowly pulled the trigger...

denise. 18. graduate of the california academy of math and science [CAMS]. class of 2005!. freshman @ UC berkeley in fall 2005. c/o 2009! lakewood, california. i am small: 5'1/2". i drive: 1990 volvo 240 DL. i <3 disneyland. music is my life. friends. shows/concerts. beach. i like going to orange county [anaheim, huntington beach, westminster, costa mesa, etc.]. i like making new friends ---> AIM: thisxgunforhire. blah blah blah...

what we have once enjoyed we can never lose.
all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.
- hellen keller

reopen the wounds and let them drain.
swing the sledge to the mainframe.
and to the one that stopped my heart.
i must return the crush.

you can't keep dwelling
on every moment that slipped by

because with every sunset
comes a sunrise.

burning pictures turn to ash,
speed this up so we can crash.
teenage romance will never last,
oh, heartbreaker, kill me fast.

clementine: this is it, joel. it's gonna be gone soon.
joel: i know.
clementine: what do we do?
joel: enjoy it. say goodbye.


i go to disneyland a lot cuz i have an annual pass.
i <3 that place.
hit me up next time you go. we'll hang. :]

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